Membership of the Society is open to anyone interested in the Visual Arts and the Crafts, and members are welcome to display their original works at all of the Society exhibitions.

Both Members and Non-members alike are welcomed at any of the events, demonstrations, outings and meetings arranged by the Society and may bring guests.

The annual subscription from April 2019 is £18 pounds per year, and is payable in April. This includes the Newsletter, representing good value for money.


To join the Society contact the Membership Secretary, or visit one of our demonstrations held on the first Tuesday of the month at Pinchbeck Village Hall, 7.30 - 9.30p.m..

Membership Secretary:

Mrs A Dring, Westfield Farm, Beck Bank, West Pinchbeck, PE11 3QN.

Tel: 01775 640255,  email:

PDF membership form

There is a lively and informative quarterly Newsletter, seasonal events, several exhibitions for the sale of Members' work, various outings to other exhibitions and Art and Craft shows. 

The newsletter can be sent by post (black and white only), or a colour version can be sent by email. A few samples below.


Jul/Aug/Sep 2017         Apr/May/Jun 2019


Oct/Nov/Dec 2017       Jul/Aug/Sep 2019 


Apr/May/Jun 2018      Oct/Nov/Dec 2019

Jul/Aug/Sep 2018         Jan/Feb/Mar 2020 

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018       Apr/May/Jun 2020 

Jan/Feb/Mar 2019