Painting Competitions

            Springfields Horticultural Society Sponsored  Competition 2021


During December 2020 members of Spalding Arts & Crafts society were invited to take part in a tile painting competition.

The challenge was for members to paint tiles in the Delft style for a planter display full of Rembrandt tulips. The public viewing  is at the Springfields Festival Gardens, centred around the Summer House, the Sculpture Matrix Garden and open to the general public from April 17th. 2021   onwards.

Prior to the installation the tiles were  judged by a panel of Springfields Horticultural Society judges with cash prizes being awarded to the  1st,  2nd and 3rd, places of £50, £40 and £30 respectively. Below are the winners

Local schools were also invited to submit smaller painted tiles to be included in the display but were not part of the competition.

 The competitors were required to produce a (16” x 10”) painted tile in the Delft stile, in portrait format using blue Pebeo Porcelaine paint to create their designs. Subject and interpretation was not limited and artists could go with a traditional look or give a more modern take on it – e.g. wind turbines instead of windmills, modern dress instead of old. There was the option of making a single image on the tile or a composite of several images. On completion the tiles were baked in a hot oven to complete the effect. We hope people visiting Springfields take the opportunity

to enjoy the colourful display.

                Congratulations to the

               Competition Winners


                All Entered Tiles