Diane Garrett

When I finished work I decided, like many others, to do some things that I’d always wanted to try but had never had time. At that time I lived in London and was fortunate to find an Adult Education Centre with very good facilities for pottery and an excellent tutor.

Useful Links

The About.com website has good articles on finding pottery classes, getting started, techniques and projects.

The Potter's connection UK website for all supplies - clays, glazes, kilns, potters wheels, books etc.

With great trepidation I joined the beginners’ part of the class and started to hand build pots. Our teacher was very strict about getting things correct right from the start (for which I have been very grateful) as I was always one to try easy quick ways and it never really works out.

After a year of making various pots, bottles and objects, I was encouraged to try to use the wheel. This was really daunting as the other students were so expert at this, but I persevered and after several months managed to centre and throw the clay correctly. I found that this takes a lot of practice and patience. Pounds of clay ended up being recycled. Eventually I managed to throw fairly good pots and the fact that you have achieved a really good pot, dish or bottle is a great feeling.

If like me, you have never done pottery before I would thoroughly recommend you try as it is very satisfying. I will always be grateful to my pottery tutor for all the help and encouragement he gave me.

I have been unable to do any pottery recently and have taken up painting and drawing but I still cannot get pots out of my head, as is evident in many of my paintings.

All pots on this page by Diane Garrett

Painting  by Diane Garrett