The Society holds an annual exhibition each year at the Geest Gallery in Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding. All members can exhibit. See below for details of our 2019 exhibition.

We may also have other exhibitions at other venues during the year.

Photos of older exhibitions can be seen in the Exhibition Gallery

We also have an online gallery of members' paintings. Any member wishing to have a page in the gallery should send a good photo of one of their paintings plus the title and medium, and a few details about themselves to katie@saacs.org.uk.


Members Gallery

Members can also have details of their own exhibitions included on this page. Email Katie@saacs.org.uk with your details

2020 Exhibitions list

pdf to download

Presenting Exhibits

A few pointers on preparing your paintings for exhibition . . . .

When exhibiting paintings, the way they are presented is important, so please make sure it is framed to a high standard. When busy it is easy to make a mistake, such as leaving off the fixings or card on the back. For paintings behind glass, use clean mounts, and seal with good quality tape on the back. Also dust over the glass andcheck the tape if the work has been hanging elsewhere. Use double mounts for pastels, and remember to paint edges on a box canvas. Work is devalued if not presented properly, so a little attention to detail can result in a sale - hopefully!

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